COVID-19 has come into our lives and has dealt us a bad hand from the start. We have hit a recession and are trying to climb out of it as we speak. The country has been divided amongst all the events that took place during 2020, and COVID-19 is…

public health podcast ep.2: applied research

On January 9th, the WHO (world health organization) announces that there is a mysterious Coronavirus-Related Pneumonia in Wuhan, China. There are 59 cases so far, and travel precautions are already at the forefront of experts’ concerns. January 21st, the CDC confirms the first…

In recent times, podcast have been vital in learning new perspectives and getting information about subjects that are very interesting. Podcast allow you to build influence and trust in your area, gain credibility and establish expertise, and promote your products and services.

In my podcast I will be going into…

The student pictured below name is Josh Powers. Josh is a junior studying Education. Josh partakes in an registered organization that is pushing for change. The group is called Central Sustainability. Central Sustainability supports interdisciplinary efforts toward creating greater sustainability and pursues projects that are environmentally and socially conscious. They care about all types of sustainability, including but not limited to environmental, human, cultural, social, community, and economic sustainability. CMU sustainability hope is that CMU continues to develop and engage in global issues as a sustainable and diverse community. Josh is pictured below reading a novel that he is currently writing a report on for his RSO called ‘educated.’ The purpose of this report is to bring aware for more innovative practices related to Sustainability. Josh is Committed to change on on small scale basis, and he hopes he can lead a revolution on a world wide.

Josh reading his book ‘educated’ while soaking up the sun in front of CMUs famous Library.

Covid-19 has promoted us to stay inside and remain socially distant. The winter has made it extremely hard to do activities outside, but as Spring has risen amongst us, students are trying to become innovative with safe activities. Central Michigan’s campus is full with sights to see. Even though “spring bloom” is in the process, the warm weather Michigan has been receiving lately has promoted more activities to take place outside. The person in the pictures below is a student attending Central Michigan at the moment. He describe his time inside to be “tough” and “stressful” with everything going on in the world. The student speaks for us all when he says that he is highly appreciative and grateful that there is a upside for cases going down. Spring is truly a sign of hope and happiness.

Close up of student reading.

Power of Social Media Regarding information

It’s been a year since Covid-19 has taken our lives by storm and changed many lives in ways that we never saw coming. When first hearing about the vaccine, many scoffed at it and didn’t take it seriously. …

While looking at the trends of tuition increases I asked asked myself why have rates gone up so high? When doing research I found out that administrative bloat, overbuilding of campus amenities, a model dependent on high-wage labor, and the easy availability of subsidized student loans. The notion of having to go to college and earn your degree to get a nice job is very prevalent. Colleges are rising cost because they know how vital it is to earn a degree.

Comparing 2009 recession to 2019

This infographic shows the impact of the 2009 recession. There were high rates of people around this time who were underneath the poverty line. The financial crisis was primarily caused by deregulation in the financial industry that permitted banks to engage in hedge fund…

This chart represents the rate of jobs changes the U.S had from 1990–2017. In that time period, there were recession periods and one boom year. The recessions that took place this time period were from July 1990-March 1991; March 202-November 2002; and December 2007-July 2009. The Boom years happened between 1996–1998.

Best vs Worse QB in 2018

The Quarterback position has a lot of statistics to sort out who is elite. Not all QB stats revolve around Touchdowns. There are certain metrics to see how these QBs dissect the game. Drew Brees took charge of being the best QB, while…

Kobe Holmes

CMU student

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